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Trovena in Reuters Top Advisors of 2008

TROVENA, LLC voted one of Reuters Top Advisors of 2008

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2009 top rating in Wealth Manager
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10/12 “You sell the home at market value and the bank forgives whatever part of the loan isn’t covered by the sale,” says Christopher Van Slyke, founding partner …
07/12 Christopher Van Slyke quoted on on investment strategy for retirees
06/12 Christopher Van Slyke quoted in the Wall Street Journal on investing in the Euro Zone Crisis
05/12 Eric Toya quoted in Investment News on succession plans at FPA
04/12 Eric Toya quoted in on changes at American Funds
03/12 Christopher Van Slyke quoted in Dow Jones on the topic of succession planning with ESOP
03/12 Eric Toya on “Beyond Bonds” the cover story in Financial Planning
02/12 Christopher Van Slyke quoted in InvestmentNews on the relationship between inflation and debt
02/12 Debra Morrison quoted in New York Times on the topic of Mortgage options
01/12 Eric Toya, vice president of wealth management at Trovena LLC, quoted by on the topic of American Funds outflows
01/12 Chicago Tribune Debra Morrison of Trovena quoted on diversifying assets through with a mortgage
01/12 Trovena ranked #7 on Financial Planning Magazine’s “Emerging RIA’s” list
12/11 Christopher Van Slyke quoted in the Wall Street Journal, on “What’s next for Offshore Accounts”
12/11 Christopher Van Slyke quoted in Reuters, on “Are you saving too much for Retirement?”
11/11 Christopher Van Slyke quoted in Reuters on safe investment strategy
10/11 Investment News Christopher Van Slyke quoted in Investment News
3/11 Christopher Van Slyke on Facebook and how Social Media can help your business
2/11 Christopher Van Slyke contributes on, “Should you pay off the house?” on
12/10 Big News Biz Trovena, recognized for excellence in service to area medical professionals
2/10 U.S. News & World Report How to Tell if You Are Saving Enough for Retirement
1/10 SmartMoney The New Bond Bubble
12/09 The Beach Reporter Trovena
10/09 Bloomberg Leaving Affordable Mortgage May Become Winning Gambit
9/09 Los Angeles Times Safer in bonds? Yes, to a point
9/09 4 dumb financial moves in the recession
6/09 The Wall Street Journal Control Yourself: How psychological biases can make a mess of our financial decisions. Especially these days.
4/09 San Diego 6 Christopher Van Slyke interviewed on
San Diego 6
3/09 MSNBC What to do now: 5 investing mistakes to avoid
3/09 NBC News Scott Leonard interviewed on NBC News
2/09 Advisor World Making Your Profits Where You Can: Greater results with less effort
1/09 Los Angeles Times 401(k)s still lure cash despite big losses
9/08 Money-Market Funds Still Good for Liquidity, Risk, Advisers Say

Featured Articles

Trovena, LLC. is very active in the financial services and press community. We are proud to showcase the accomplishments of the firm and our advisors. These are some of the most recent ones.

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Publication Name
10/09 Scott A. Leonard Journal of
Financial Planning
U.S. Equity Returns After Major Market Crashes
5/09 Charles L. Stanley How to Protect Yourself from being Madoff’d
4/09 Scott A. Leonard Investing For The Rebound
11/08 Christopher P.
Van Slyke
Trovena, LLC Newsletter A Tale of Two Clients
04/08 Christopher P.
Van Slyke
Trovena, LLC Newsletter So, What’s Next? Part 2
04/08 Lewis C. Haskell Trovena, LLC Newsletter Family Wealth Alignment
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